About Members Only

Additional Information

The Members Only section of the website contains pages for K-9 OTC members. 

Current ,members were added after dues renewal in 2019. 

New members are added after they have been voted into the Club.

When a new user is added to the website's membership list, an account is created with the user's email address as the username. An email is sent with a link to create a new password for the account. Each member must create a password in order to see private pages on the website.  Email and password information is maintained by GoDaddy,  the web hosting provider. Please create a unique password for the K-9 OTC website and do not share it with anyone else.

Username: your email address

Password: the password you create

If you need to change your email address, contact the K-9 OTC Membership Chairperson. The Chair will update K-9 OTC's records and then contact the webmaster to update the website's membership list.