What is Tracking?
If you enjoy spending time outdoors with your dog, tracking may be your ultimate dog sport. Almost any dog can track. The purpose of tracking is to demonstrate the dog's ability to recognize and follow the scent of a human. It shows the willingness and enjoyment of the dog at its work. Tracking strengthens the bond between you and your dog through mutual trust and sincere communication. You can train for titles, Search and Rescue, or just for fun, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded lunatics.

Interested in Tracking?
K-9 offers two orientation classes each year, in the spring and the fall. Through networking, tracking teams get together as often as possible between the classes, at times and locations to fit individual schedules. There is a Yahoo! e-mail list for any K-9 member to post invitations to track, sharing training tips, Ah Ha! moments, announcing titles, and asking questions. For more information, please the Tracking Chairperson.

Beginner (Foundation) Tracking Class
Although the first class is unlimited, registration is important. Due to time and space limitations, subsequent classes will have room for 8 working teams - on the registration list - with unlimited auditors. If you are not one of the first eight to sign up, we recommend you attend each class and practice techniques with your dog at home. That way you will easily fit into the working slots in case of someone's absence. Each class will keep everyone busy with or without a dog, learning scent theory, track laying skills, handling techniques and how to watch for a dog's subtle body language and behavior while doing scent work.

Class is open to any member of K-9 OTC, with or without prior tracking experience.

Bring: your dog, a flat collar and 6' leash, plenty of tiny, smelly, soft treats, such as pea-sized pieces of cheese, hot dog, chicken, or roast beef. Your dog must be able to be crated and/or left safely in your vehicle while you are helping others with laying tracks.

Tracking class meets weather permitting -- no blizzard, temps below freezing, or heavy rain or thunderstorms.
 Tracking Classes
  • Offered To: All regular club members
  • Join Times: Twice yearly
  • When:
    Please contact the club for class times
  • Instructors:
    Charlotte Allmann (Chairperson)

  • Phone 262.252.3569
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