K-9 Outreach Programs

K-9 Outreach
K-9 provides demos for any organization that expresses interest. We also march in some of the local holiday parades, plus we have a booth and team at the World of Dogs at State Fair.

Parade Participation
K-9 also participates in various community holiday parades, such as the Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls Christmas parades.

K-9 Demos
K9 OTC has been putting on demos for various organizations for many years. We currently visit a number of Nursing Homes, Assisted Living facilities, Senior Centers, an Alzheimer's group and a few schools. Our demos for adults consist of telling our audience about our specific breed of dog and putting on an Obedience demonstration showing various levels in the training classes. The audience is often actively involved in helping with the obedience exercises as needed. School demonstrations are geared to students, and they are given tips on how to approach a dog,how not to approach a dog, how to be a responsible dog owner, how to ensure that their dog is a good canine citizen, and what is involved in owning a dog. Some Obedience exercises are included and information is given on the breeds in attendance. In all visits, our audience is encouraged to ask questions. We also spend some time visiting with the audience with our dogs, especially at senior facilities. There are approximately twelve people who volunteer their time at demonstrations and some of the breeds in attendance are: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Shetland Sheep Dog, Airedale Terrier, Samoyed, Yellow Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Dog. If you or your organization would like further information on our Demonstrations, please contact the coordinator, Barb Borchert at 414-354-6592.

Wisconsin State Fair's World of Dogs Day
Every year K-9 participates in the Wisconsin State Fair's World of Dogs, in which many of our members participate in demonstrations of obedience and flyball. Demonstrations start around 10:00 am and last until 6:00 pm in the Coliseum building.

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