What is Flyball?
Actually, it is a relay race played with a tennis ball, hurdles and a spring-loaded box. Four dogs take turns jumping over 4 hurdles that are set 10 feet apart. Heights are based on the shortest dog's height. The current world record is under 15 seconds for the entire team.

What does a dog need to learn to do Flyball?
Basic obedience, Off Leash privileges and a reliable recall are important. Flyball dogs are athletes and must be in good physical condition for this sport. There are also flyball specific skills that dogs and handlers learn in class. Drive is important but being ball crazy, although a plus, is not a prerequisite. Flyball is a game for our dogs, and they will think it is fun, fun, fun!

When and Where are Flyball Classes Held?
K-9's Flyball program is on hold. If you are a K-9 member and would like to be a Flyball instructor, please contact the Director of Training.

Flyball Resources
Want to know more about Flyball? Check out these resources:
  • North American Flyball Association
  • United Flyball League International

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